quinta-feira, maio 03, 2007

Depeche Mode

The Art Of Best Remixed Mode

(CD 1)
01 Nothing (Memphtended Mix) 6m30s
02 The Landscape Is Changing (Snare Remix) 7m23s
03 My Secret Garden (Oldschool Extended Mix) 6m14s
04 Freelove (Basscombe Remix) 4m07s
05 But Not Tonight (Rare Mix) 6m33s
06 Any Second Now (SBO Edit) 7m02s
07 And Then (The Special MLG Studio Tape Extended Remix) 5m42s
08 Agent Orange (Rough Mix) 4m31s
09 Here Is the House (White House Remix) 5m18s
10 Nodisco (Pop Silver Series) 5m44s
11 Lie To Me (Different Mode) 6m17s

(CD 2)
01 I Feel Loved (Mun Kulta Version) 4m14s
02 Insight (Ventricle Mix) 5m34s
03 Home (Instrumental Version) 4m03s
04 Enjoy The Silence (Modeness Short Mix) 6m38s
05 Mode Mega-Chillmix 33m58s
06 Rush (Yeti Mix) 7m01s