segunda-feira, outubro 01, 2007


Chumbawamba - First 2
01 How To Get Your Band On Television
02 British Colonialism & The BBC
03 Commercial Break
04 Unilever
05 More Whitewashing
06 An Interlude: Beginning To Take It Back
07 Dutiful Servants & Political Masters
08 Coca-Colanisation
09 ...And In A Nutshell
10 Invasion
11 Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants o Hear
12 Come On Baby (Let's Do The Revolution)
13 The Wasteland
14 Today's Sermon
15 Ah-men
16 Mr Heseltine Meets His Public
17 The Candidates Find Common Ground
18 ...Here's The Rest Of Your Life

Tracks 01-10:
Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records
Written and produced by Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba on this recording are:
Harry - Drums, Vocals, Bad guitar solo on 'Slag Aid'
Alice Nutter - Vocals, Spoons, Kitchen Sink Melodrama
Boff - Guitar, Vocals, Clarinet, Fireblanket
Mavis Dillon - Bass Guitar, Trumpet, French Horn, Vocals
Lou - Vocals, Guitar
Danbert Nobacon - Vocals, Half a jar of vegetable oil
Dunst - Whirlypipe, Turntables, Roto 613
Simon - Keyboards, Accordion, Voice
Neil Ferguson - Engineer
Derek Dogg - Bark, Muzzle and Chain
Recorded at Woodlands, Castleford
August 1986

Tracks 11-18:
Never Mind the Ballots
Written, produced and presented by Chumbawamba
Chumbawamba on this recording are:
Lou - Vocals, guitar
Harry - Drums, percussion, vocals
Mavis Dillon - Bass guitar, trumpet, vocals
Alice Nutter - Vocals
Danbert Nobacon - Vocals
Boff - Guitar, vocals
Dunst - Vocals
Simon - Keyboards, voice
Neil - Engineer, keyboards
Patrick - Engineer
Recorded at Woodlands
April/May 1987