quinta-feira, janeiro 04, 2007

Pink Floyd - The Floydian Propulsion Project

Pink Floyd - The Floydian Propulsion Project [224Kbps]
01. Heartbeat, Pigmeat (UFO Technicolour Dream) Mix
02. Hey You (Girls of the Rare Breed) Mix
03. Any Colour You Like (As Long as it's Black) Mix
04. Is There Anybody Out There? (Panoramic Paralysis) Mix
05. Another Brick Part 1 (Ste-V's GB) Mix
06. Terminal Frost (BeatBox Rocker) Mix
07. One of My Days
08. A New Machine (Empty Space : Welcome to the New Machine) Mix
09. Pigs on the Wing (Pigs in Space) Mix
10. Drooling and Raving
11. Signs of Life (All Aboard the Astoria / Sea of Chaos) Mix
12. Two Suns in the Sunset (Electropsychedeliatric Blitzkrieg) Mix
13. If (The Tablamatic Theory) Mix
14. The Pink Anderson Gangsta Blues
15. Keep Talking (Mind of God) Mix
16. Several Species of Small Fury Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict (More than a few classes of Diminutive Hirsute Organisms Amassing as one in an Astral Cavern and Rocking-out with a monolith whilst avoiding a Quantum Hyperspace Paradox) Mix
17. Have a Cigar (Close, but no Cigar) Mix
18. Obscured by Clouds (Moon, American, Floyd) Mix
19. Let There be More (Lite) Mix
20. Publius Enigma